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Adult Orthodontics
Pediatric Dentist Arlington, WA

Image of a smiling adult woman with braces on. While most people get braces when they are children or during their teen years, some adults do need this orthodontic solution. As an adult, you may need braces for one of several different reasons. Regardless of why, our orthodontist and the team here at Arlington Pediatric Dentistry are ready to help you with braces and with all of your oral health needs. As the number of adults needing braces has grown over the years, new types of braces have become available. These new options make wearing braces as an adult easier and reduce or eliminate any embarrassment you may feel from wearing them.

Do Braces for Adults Differ from Braces for Children?

Braces for adults and children do not greatly differ. They both make use of brackets, wires, and special rubber bands to slowly move the teeth into their correct positions. Once the braces are placed, the patient comes back in regularly to have them slowly tightened. This tightening moves the teeth into position. The biggest difference in braces for adults and children is that there are some different materials available for adults. These materials help improve the aesthetics of adult braces while still allowing them to function as needed.

What Are Adult Braces Made From?

While braces are typically made from metal and use rubber bands and wires to move the teeth into position, that is not always the case. Today, we do have several modern materials that can be used for braces. Rather than using metal, for example, we can use ceramic braces and wires instead. This ceramic is similar in color to your teeth, so the braces are less noticeable. There are also clear options that can make the braces nearly invisible.

Lingual Braces

Another option for adults is to use lingual braces instead of traditional ones. These braces are similar to standard braces and are made of metal. However, they are placed behind the teeth instead of in front of them. This makes it very difficult for them to be seen, and most people will not know you even have braces. They do work as well as standard braces, but they may take some more getting used to.

Clear Aligners

Of course, adults can also make use of aligners instead of braces, but this solution is not always an option for everyone. Clear aligners are made out of a specially made plastic material. These aligners are removable for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. While they are nearly invisible during treatment, they cannot correct all types of malocclusions, as traditional braces can.

Who Needs Adult Braces?

Any adult who has teeth that are not aligned correctly or has dealt with an overbite or underbite may want to talk to us about braces. Even though you may not have had the chance to have your teeth realigned while you were young, nothing is stopping you from doing so now. Many adults have braces or have worn them in the past, and with the new materials today that make them nearly invisible, there is no reason to be embarrassed to do so. If you need to learn more, contact Arlington Pediatric Dentistry at 360-657-1650 today to arrange a consultation.
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